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4 False Habits When Cleaning the Ear

Ears is actually a relatively unnecessary organ of the body because it has its own cleaning mechanism. Unfortunately, most people just do the opposite. For example, scraping ear wax using a cotton bud. While it may be a good goal, the mistaken acts we make on the ear can have a serious impact on the sense of hearing. Here are 4 mistakes that are often done to clean the ears. 1. Cleaning your ears every day The first mistake you might make is to clean your ears every day. Although it sounds very solutive to clean, it's just so-called inefficient and will interfere with your health. Therefore, you do not have to bother to remove ear wax every day. 2. Insert the cotton bud too deep into the ear canal There are still many people who clean the ears with a cotton bud or a cotton roll inserted into the ear. But be careful, it can actually worsen the health of your ears. Instead of cleaning the dirt in the ear, this small appliance may actually push the earwax more deeply. 3. Insert sharp objects Like the habit of picking a nose, sometimes a person can not bear to scratch his ears with a sharp object. Not only the stem cotton, often pin or hair clip, is used for scraping. Stop the habit of inserting the sharp object into the ear because it can damage the skin of the ear canal and cause infection. 4. Too aggressive If you really should use a cotton bud when cleaning the ears, do not push bud buds too deep. Better focus on the outer edges of the ear canal.

Make Sure No ‘Multitasking’ At Dinner, This is the Reason

Chewing food while on the move like doing office work or watching TV turns out to have a bad effect on health. But based on a survey of Healthy Living Index 2016 from AIA, as many as 86 percent of people claimed to still steal opportunities to eat while on the move. Surely the findings in a survey involving 772 adults today are of concern because it means that this habit has been sufficiently attached by many people. Then what danger lurks? According to Dr. Diana, this habit leads to increased risk of obesity. Although, the same survey results show that 30 percent of Indonesians want to lose weight by an average of 7.9 kg. "When a person eats while on the move, he becomes unconscious, his food is gone but he forgot, finally add again, this habit that triggers people to eat more," said dr Diana. Especially if the type of food consumed is high-calorie foods such as sugar donuts. Calories diasup can become more and more become. "One glazed donut alone calories to 220 calories," he found.

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